AMaysing Services Inc


Dear Patients/Parents/Guardians: Please sign in using the user-id and password you were assigned. This is the main page for anyone who wants to log into the Portal. Patients, Parents, Spouses and Collateral informants who are given permission may log in to complete forms and other essential functions. 


1) Login using the Patient Login link. 

2) Please complete all the forms in your My To Do List. 

3) Please enter your password and click Sign and Complete Document at the end of each form. 

4) Please click Back to get you to the home screen again. 

Password Protection Information: The information you submit is secured and password protected. You can change your password by clicking change password on the top left of the screen. 

Patients Under 18 years: A parent or guardian will need to fill out each form for the client and electronically sign each form